How to Pest-Proof Your Home or Business

Pests can often find sanctuary in unwanted places like your home or business. To keep rodents, insects and other kinds of pests away, there are a few ways you can pest-proof your space! We’ve put together a list of tips to make sure you are protected.

Pest Proof Your Walls & Windows

Many insects, including outdoor cockroaches and carpenter ants, can invade your space and set up residence in your walls. The best way to deter pests from walls is to block their access points. Assess your interior and exterior for cracks or leaks in window sills and along the floor boards. Have a professional seal cracks and gaps on the exterior that could be the entry points for these pests. Water attracts many pests, so have any leaks repaired right away.

Make sure there is also at least a six foot clearance of vegetation from the foundation and move firewood piles away from your home, ensuring they do not touch walls. No trees or vegetation should come in contact with any part of the home since it provides a path of travel for pests that avoid treated surfaces.

Inspect all window screens to ensure there is no damage or openings. Screens should fit tightly with no gaps to keep out mosquitos, stink bugs, flies, and small lizards or roaches. 

Check Your Porch, Especially Underneath

Spiders and creepy-crawling insects love damp, dark spaces making the underneath of your porch an oasis. We recommend clearing as much debris as possible as it can attract insects and rodents. If you bring outdoor plants onto your porch, it’s important to inspect the plant for insects before bringing them in. Clean the outside of the pots to remove any insects, spiders or their eggs.

Make Sure to Clean Your Floors

Vacuuming regularly can remove insects as well as the foods that they eat such as dust and left-behind crumbs. Vacuuming can also help remove spiders hiding in corners, behind furniture, sill plates and between basement joists. Be sure to inspect the legs and underside of furniture for pests that can easily make their way to and from your carpet, as well. While it may remove flea eggs, vacuuming alone will not control a flea problem. If you find fleas in your home, it is important to contact your local pest control company as soon as possible.

Pest-Proofing Your Roof & Attic 

Rodents most often find their way into attics, thus into your home or business, through the roof. Rats and mice can fit through tight spaces, so having a professional check your roof for potential points of entry is key to helping prevent an invasion. A professional should look for loose shingles or portions of your roof that may pull away from the awning.

Once you’ve had your roof inspected, check for mice, squirrels or raccoons already living in the attic. If you find evidence of an unwanted guest, call your pest professional to get rid of them. Once the pests are removed from your attic, have the entry points sealed off. For instance, look for gaps or holes in soffits, roofline, chimney, gables, and roof vents. Then, enlist the aid of a professional to repair them.

It’s important to exterminate the rodents before sealing the attic. Otherwise, you may have to deal with the removal of a dead animal if it can’t find food and water, or the animal can do damage to the structure when trying to escape.

Talk to Your Local Professionals

Living in a hot and humid environment like Florida can often lead to pests making their way inside. If you’re concerned that unwanted pests have already entered your home or business, talk to your pest control professional. Brock Pest Control and Lawn Care can help you to identify the type of pest and locate its most likely point of entry. 
Our exterminators serve Panama City, Fort Walton Beach, Marianna and the surrounding counties with residential and commercial services. We offer year round services and same day appointments to keep you protected when it’s convenient for you! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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