Protect Your Outdoor Signs from Bird Infestations

Your business’s signage is the first thing customers notice when they visit your store. It reflects your branding and unique marketing style! As a business owner, you’ll want to keep your outdoor signs clean and pest free.

When birds decide to make your signage home, they can leave unsightly droppings or nests making your curb appeal less… well, appealing. Besides being unattractive, the bird droppings can be unsanitary and difficult to remove due to their acidity. If not cleaned, acidic bird droppings can corrode signage and paint, as well as roofing and outdoor furniture. Because droppings can spread disease, special techniques should be followed when cleaning and handling bird messes.

Birds can also cause damage to signage by pecking and roosting. Cleaning and repairing damaged signs can be expensive and disruptive to operations and overall productivity.

If you have noticed birds revisiting your businesses outdoor signs, call a professional! An experienced pest control company has many different control methods to protect your business from unwanted birds and other pests. Control methods that can work effectively on signs can include:

  • Spikes – A system of blunt-edged spikes can prevent nuisance birds from landing or roosting on ledges and signs. Virtually invisible, the spikes are flexible to fit any contour.
  • Control Gel – Waterproof, almost colorless and odorless, sticky control gel helps repel birds from perching or nesting. Control gel is used on horizontal surfaces (like signs), is effective even in high temperatures, and needs to be replaced only once every six months.
  • Wire Barrier – This solution is used on long, uninterrupted ledges and helps prevent birds from landing on ledges by creating an unstable surface.

You can also ask your local pest control company about netting, patching and slopes as other control techniques. 

On top of keeping the birds away, you’ll want to safely clean up after they are gone. Professional pest control technicians are trained to perform cleaning services thoroughly and safely in all business settings, including those where bird droppings can result in health code violations and possible fines or closures.

At Brock Pest Control, our service does not stop after we leave. Beyond using only the most proven and tested pest control technologies, we also place an emphasis on educating you about pest and rodent prevention. Prevention is always the first step in maintaining a pest free environment, and our technicians are experts in pest prevention!
If you have birds calling your business home, contact Brock Lawn and Pest Control in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding communities! Our team proudly serves most counties in the Florida panhandle with year round services and same day appointments to homes and businesses to keep you protected when it’s convenient for you! Contact us for a free consultation.

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