Common Florida Spiders & How to Keep Them Out of Your Home

Floridians are no stranger to those unwelcome eight legged arachnids that find their way into tiny spaces and make themselves at home. Dealing with spiders is inevitable in Florida! However, you can defend yourself and your home by learning how to identify types, their nesting habits and, most importantly, how to keep them outside where they belong! Keep reading to learn more.

What kinds of spiders are common in Florida?

There are many different types of spiders around the US, and in Florida. They can also vary from north and south regions of Florida. Some spiders you can expect to see around North Florida are:

  • Black Widow Spider – Shiny black with an hourglass-shaped red spot on the bottom of the abdomen.
  • Brown Widow Spider – Can be identified by their brown and orange coloration. They have a very distinct ‘hourglass’ shape on the lower abdomen
  • Common House Spider – These spiders vary from gray-brown to dark brown in color and have banded legs. The house spiders’ abdomen is sphere shaped with a pattern of brown and light-beige markings, and two dark colored stripes on the spiders’ head.
  • Daddy Long Leg Spider (or Cellar Spiders) – Brown, gray, or black with very long, thin legs. has a small round body without a ‘waist’.
  • Wolf Spider – This arachnid has eight eyes total, with four in a row on the bottom, two large eyes above, and two medium sized eyes spaced out on the top and sides of its head. They are hairy and brown to gray.

How To Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

Remove Nesting Grounds from the Yard

Before spiders make their way inside your home, they’ll be taking up residence in your yard. That makes yard maintenance your first order of business.

Spiders prefer moist, shaded areas—especially piles of wood. They’ll look to make a home in places like old tires, lumber, dead leaves, boxes, cinder blocks, or beneath your porch; they want anywhere that will let them peacefully nest and lay eggs.

Counteract spiders’ nesting habits by keeping your outdoor areas clean. If you have a lawn, remove clutter, weeds, tall grass, and dead leaves. You should pay extra attention to your outdoor plants, which draw both spiders and the insects they hunt.

If you have a deck, cover the space beneath it with gravel. Since moist dirt in a dark area is perfect for breeding, this can help deter many spiders from making your home their home.

Get Rid of Spider Webs

Many spiders’ primary means of capturing food is through their webs. The common house spider, for example, loves to string up webs anywhere that smaller bugs will be to create a reliable source of meals. This means they’ll hang out near plants, flowers, trash cans, and outside lights.

Other house spiders, such as daddy-long-legs, don’t spin webs, and prefer to be in corners, near windows, and downstairs where it’s cool.

Whether or not they spin webs, you can help keep away Florida house spiders by cleaning these areas with a broom, mop, or vacuum.

Don’t Feed Them Unknowingly

If repeated destruction of their webs or hiding spots isn’t enough, you can also send common house spiders in Florida the message they aren’t welcome by getting rid of their food source.

Flies, mosquitoes, and other juicy spider prey are attracted to plants, lights, and sweets left out by people. Obviously, you don’t want to damage your plants, so start by switching to a dimmer yellow light on your outdoor lights and cleaning up after cooking in the kitchen or eating on the patio.

You should also seal up all of your indoor and outdoor trash cans to keep the scent of trash and decomposition from drawing pests.

Limit Entry Points

An additional course of action that can dramatically reduce your chances of a house spider invasion is by limiting their means of entry. Ways to keep house spiders from coming inside include:

  • Examine the foundations of your home for cracks, especially under the deck or patio.
  • Fix or seal holes in rotted wood.
  • Make sure your window and door screens aren’t damaged. Place new screens where necessary, such as over vents or the chimney.
  • Ensure all door sweeps and weather stripping have strong, undamaged seals.

Once spiders are in your walls, it can feel nearly impossible to eradicate them without professional assistance, so preventative measures should be taken whenever possible.

Hire a Professional

Despite the fact that spiders are creepy, a few in your home are actually very helpful. A few spiders can help keep plants safe from other insects that feed on them. Spiders are oftentimes the most important natural control of pests in and around homes, yards, and gardens. But, even spiders need to come in moderation. 

If you are noticing an uncomfortable amount of spiders in or around your home, it’s time to contact a professional pest control company. Hiring a company you trust ensures that you are keeping your home and family safe, but also the environment and the natural order of these insects.

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