New Year’s Resolutions for Your Lawn

Thinking about what kind of New Year Resolutions to set in 2023? Resolutions have to start somewhere, so this January think about what you want to do with a special area of your home to prepare for warmer weather – your lawn! Preparing your lawn for the upcoming months is a great way to invest your time and encourages you to get outside. Keep reading for a few easy, but important, ways to get your yard looking its best for 2023.

Get Control of your Weeds

Weed control is typically a large part of proper lawn care as weeds are considered unwanted plants. It’s hard to find a yard without any weeds. Whether they grab hold of your garden or grass (or both), weeds can do some serious damage to your yard and even kill the grass entirely. We understand why most homeowners dread weeding – it can be tedious and weeds may grow back by the next day if you weed at the wrong time. Try weeding after a heavy rainstorm, and always pull weeds up by the entire root. A well-weeded yard will be healthy and look beautiful all year long!

Fertilize & Nourish

In order to replenish your soil’s nutrients you should fertilize at the right times throughout the year. Fertilizing your grass will lead to greener, fuller lawns. You can get to work on this resolution in the early spring when your yard’s grass begins to green up. There are a lot of different methods for fertilizing, and a lot of different types of fertilizers. To properly fertilize your grass, it’s always best to contact your professional lawn care company to develop personalized lawn fertilization plans that ensure your lawn receives the nutrition it needs to grow.

Learn How to Prevent & Treat Pests

Maintaining a lawn involves more than just killing weeds, watering, etc. There is a wide range of insects and other pests that want to make your lawn their new home. If lawn pests are left untreated, they can do some serious damage to your grass and garden. There are pests that can completely destroy your turf, like chinch bugs and mole crickets. Then there are nuisance pests, like roaches and ticks. No one wants uninvited guests taking over their space, so talk to your pest control company about how to mitigate these intrusions in 2023.

Mow Your Lawn Regularly & Properly

This year, you can plan to pay attention to the seasons and put a lawn mowing schedule in place. If you are careless with your lawn mowing schedule, lawns can die out due to grass being cut too short or cut at the wrong time such as when it is too wet or too hot.  

Your lawn mowing schedule should be focused on when your lawn is growing and not growing. Notice how long your grass is and its color after you mow it. During the summer, plan to mow your lawn often but keep in mind the upcoming weather conditions. Having trouble figuring out a mowing schedule for your grass? Read in more detail here.

Irrigate Properly

If you choose to irrigate your lawn, practice good water management by irrigating deeply and infrequently. Watering deeply and infrequently helps create a healthy lawn by encouraging deep rooting. Irrigate when the soil is dry rather than on a set schedule. Read more about how to properly water your lawn here.

Find an Experienced, Professional Lawn Care Company

The start of each new year brings many new ideas and tasks to our plate. But lawn care is one thing you don’t have to take on alone! Maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn all year long is a hard task for any Florida homeowner. That is why we have very well-trained, licensed technicians and an exceptional program that will tend to your yard for the entire year. Our lawn program is designed with 6 timely applications to provide the proper balance of nutrients that your lawn needs. Having regularly scheduled lawn care will allow these nutrients to provide you with a strong, healthy growing lawn. 

Lawn Services We Offer
  • Tree Injections
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Preventative Lawn Pest Treatments 
  • Weed Suppression
  • Grass & Garden Disease Treatments
  • And much more
How it Works
  • Pre-emergent to slow down weed germination
  • Insecticide for damaging insects (chinch bugs, mole crickets, sod webworms, etc.)
  • Disease control including brown patch fungus, dollar spot, large patch fungus and more
  • Weed control for the wide variety of broadleaf weeds and sedge weeds
  • Fertilization in both liquid and granule form to stimulate density
  • Complimentary driveway and sidewalk clearing after service

Take your lawn back in 2023 and enjoy your yard again! As a locally owned and operated pest control company, we proudly serve Florida’s Gulf Coast and northern counties with offices in Panama City, Fort Walton and Panama City Beach.

Have a pest emergency? We provide same day services! Contact our team today.

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