Florida Lawn Watering Tips & FAQs

Are you tired of brown patches in your lawn, areas where the grass is crunchy, or even dead? Don’t let your lawn suffer this summer! Read this article for important, lawn-saving information on how to water, when to water and how minor adjustments to your sprinkler system make all the difference.

What time of the day should I water my lawn?

It is best to water your lawn during the cooler, early morning hours. Evaporation loss can be 60% higher during the day when the sun is harshest. By watering when the grass is already wet from the morning dew, you won’t alter the natural state of the grass. If you must water in the late afternoon, stop watering with enough time before the sun sets to allow the grass to dry. Watering your grass at night when it’s dark is not recommended because water left on the blades of the grass can motivate fungus and disease.

How much water should I use for my lawn?

For most Florida soils, an average of ½ to ¾ of an inch of water per application is enough to replenish the grass. It is best to saturate the root zone and then let the soil dry to encourage healthy, deep root growth. During hotter months with less rain, a full inch is recommended but you remember to follow local water regulations.

To determine how long to run your sprinklers, place several empty, straight-sided cans or cups at different distances within one zone. (Uniform coffee mugs work well.) Run the sprinklers for 15 minutes and measure the amount of water collected in each can. Calculate an average water depth and determine how long it will take to apply a ½ to ¾ inch of water.


  •  ¼” average depth of water after 15 minutes – water 35-50 minutes in that zone.
  •  ½” average depth of water after 15 minutes – water 20-30 minutes in that zone.

If you don’t have a sprinkler system, you can water the lawn using a garden hose in just 15 to 20 minutes every day. You can then divide your lawn into 5 to 7 zones and water each zone on a corresponding day. You will be able to focus your watering efforts on a smaller zone, providing more water for deeper penetration into the lawn.

What happens when I don’t water my lawn?

Too little water will dry your grass out and turn it yellow and parched. The key is to try and give your yard about that ideal inch of water each week – even during the winter. Watering the lawn is a year-round project.

Possible outcomes of not watering your lawn:

  • Pesky weeds can overtake your unhealthy lawn.
  • Underground pests may damage your plants and grass.  
  • A lawn left too dry may develop a dry patch, which makes straw-colored grass. If this happens, the lawn becomes relatively futile because the soil particles grow a waxy covering that deters water.

How can I tell if my grass has enough moisture?

Once you are watering you have a lawn water schedule in place, you may want to check if your lawn is getting enough water. The easiest way to check is if your lawn looks healthy. If it’s green and lush without any brittle grass, it’s most likely getting enough water. Another quick way to check is to stick a screwdriver into the soil. If it sinks 6 – 7 inches in, then your yard is getting enough water. If it doesn’t go far enough in, then your lawn might need a little more water. 

You can often tell if your lawn is being overwatered if you are finding mushrooms or other growth. If you see mushrooms peeking out from the blades of grass, it’s time to try reducing the amount you water a little bit.

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