Body: uniformly-colored abdomens that can vary from a tan to dark brown. In many species there is a characteristic darkened violin-shaped pattern which occurs on the front half of the head region.
The Brown Recluse spider is not, nor is any recluse spider, native to Florida. However, but three species have been intercepted, and occasionally have established populations in single buildings at scattered locations. The recluse spiders (also known as violin, fiddleback, or brown spiders) belong to the genus Loxosceles (Family: Sicariidae). These spiders are found worldwide, most commonly in the tropics, with some species reaching temperate latitudes. Recluse spiders are medium-sized (6-12 mm body length). Similar to widow spiders, recluse spiders usually bite only when they become trapped next to the victim’s skin. Recluse bites range in intensity from no noticeable effect to severe necrosis.