Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug outbreaks have been increasing. They mostly affect larger metropolitan areas, but outbreaks can really happen anywhere. For Florida homeowners, Bed Bugs are unhealthy and can cause skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. For Florida commercial property owners, your tenants not only suffer the afore mentioned health risks, but Bed Bugs can pose a serious threat to your business and reputation.

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Believe it or not, in developed nations, Bed Bugs were mostly eliminated by the 1940’s. Ever since about 1995 though, they have started to make an unexpected come back. Many think it could be due to increased foreign travel or even greater focus on other pests, leaving Bed Bugs to thrive. Other names for Bed Bugs are heavy dragoon, chinche and crimson rambler. Bed Bugs are bloodsucking insects, and are attracted to their hosts by carbon dioxide and warmth. Their bites can cause a range of skin manifestations and even blisters. Finding Bed Bugs can be a bit of a challenge. They are usually nocturnal and can be elusive pests. They prefer beds of course, but can often be hiding in dark corners and crevices. They can even lay their eggs in fabric seams. Bed Bugs often remain close to their food or hosts. This means near common areas like couches and beds. However, they have often been known to be in luggage and cars.