Lawn Insects & Weeds Control


Maintaining a healthy beautiful lawn all year long is a hard task for any homeowner, especially with all the pests living in Florida. That is why we have extremely well-trained technicians and an exceptional program that will tend to your yard throughout the entire year. Our lawn program is designed with 6 timely applications to provide the proper balance of nutrients that your lawn needs. These nutrients will provide a healthy vigorous growing lawn when applied regularly. Enjoy your yard again!

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How Our Lawn Care Works
  • Pre-emergents to slow down weed germination
  • Insecticide for damaging insects (chinch bugs, mole crickets, sod webworms, fire ants, etc.)
  • Disease control including brown patch fungus, dollar spot, pythium root rot, and more.
  • Weed controls for the wide variety of broadleaf weeds and sedge weeds
  • Fertilization in both liquid and granule form to stimulate density
  • Complimentary driveway and sidewalk clearing after service with commercial power blowers.


Brock Lawn and Pest Control has shrub care that combats Florida’s pest problems during any season. Our advanced service will provide inspections and treatments every other month due to ongoing issues that will arise. Brock Lawn and Pest Control only uses up-to-date technological advances and environmentally safe products. Our exclusive palm program will provide you with 4 treatments that will supply the palms with all the nutrients they need. Depending on the types of palms you have, you may need both programs. Our experienced technicians will provide you with knowledge to help determine what you need. Palms are susceptible to a variety of deficiencies and fungus. With our program, we can treat most of them accordingly. There are 2 treatments available to suit your palm needs: Palm bud drench- protection against weevils Palm root injection- provides nutrients right to the main root ball.